We are currently operating on low-inventory through 2022 but will be back in the near future with more great rug selections!

Green Front Rugs FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Green Front Rugs and our policies.

What makes Green Front Rugs different?

We have personal relationships with suppliers all over the world that allow us to procure the highest quality rugs at the best prices possible. Green Front Furniture,  located at our three locations in Virginia and North Carolina, has one of the largest rug selections in North America. This website represents a fraction of that collection. Each rug on our site has been hand-selected for its unique beauty. 

Where are the rugs manufactured?

Our rugs are handcrafted by artisans from across the globe including India, Pakistan and Turkey. All of the rugs listed are hand-knotted and one-of-a-kind. Our cowhides and sheep hides are sourced from Brazil and Argentina. Our hides are natural and 100% meat byproducts.

Do you sell machine-made rugs?

Our website only sells rugs that have been hand-knotted by artisans. You won’t find machine-made or hand-tufted rugs here. Our cowhides are all-natural. We explain the difference here.

What is the difference between hand-knotted, hand-tufted and machine-made rugs?

All the rugs on this site, except for the hides, are hand-knotted in a time-intensive process. Hand-knotted rugs are known for their durability. Hand-tufted rugs are constructed by inserting yarn through a woven base to create a pile that can be looped or cut to make varied textures. Hand-tufted rugs are best for low traffic areas. Machine-made rugs, produced more quickly using an automated process, are often made using polyblend rather than wool or silk.

Kilim, Oushak, Mamluke…what do all these terms mean?

Our rugs are sourced from across the globe, and the terms used to describe them come from across the globe. Here you can learn the different terms that describe the various patterns, finishes, materials and construction that make up our beautiful rugs.

Can I return my rug?

We will accept undamaged and unused returns. Returns will be credited, minus a $65 restocking fee for rugs costing more than $500, to the payment method with which they were purchased. Please notify info@greenfrontrugs.com and mail your return within fifteen days of receiving the order. We accept in-store returns at our Farmville location only and will waive the restocking fee for rugs returned in person with the approved return form. Please visit our return and exchange policy ( https://www.greenfrontrugs.com/return-policy/ ) for more details. 

Is it possible to exchange one rug for another?

We no longer offer exchanges for online store purchases.

How should I ship the rug I’m returning?

Green Front Rugs accept returns by UPS. Please notify info@greenfrontrugs.com and mail your return within 15 days of receiving the order. Most rugs can be rolled for shipment. Rugs can be returned in the original packaging it came in, or in any heavy duty plastic or tyvek material.

Do you refund the shipping cost of the return?

Green Front Rugs does not pay for return shipping.

I just opened up my rug but it’s damaged – what should I do?

If your shipment has arrived damaged, please contact Green Front within two days of delivery. Please take photos of your shipment at the time of arrival including the packaging it arrived in and the damage(s). All merchandise is closely inspected prior to shipment to ensure the highest quality product with no existing damage. Green Front Rugs is not responsible for damage occurring during transit or after delivery. Please visit our return and exchange policy for additional details.

How do I properly fold a hand-knotted rug?

Hand-knotted rugs must be folded properly to ensure the structural integrity of the rug is maintained. Download our step-by-step instructions to learn the correct folding technique.


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